• Jackie M.

    July 24, 2018

    I highly recommend Joe Travis and Caveman Home Theaters. We were replacing the sole television in our home, nothing fancy, but Mr. Travis treated the job professionally and was as attentive to detail as if this were a high-end all out Home Theater. He made several good suggestions as to our possibilities and made good on every promise in the proposal. He trained me and my equally technology-impaired husband on how to use all the technology, and made sure we were comfortable with the remotes, switches, etc. We love our new big wall-mounted tv, with hidden cables, ear phones for my hard of hearing husband, fully integrated with Apple TV. We feel as if we can call Joe for any technology-related problem and get his help. [Joe even detected a leak in our hot water heater (he could hear it dripping) and made sure we knew how to frame the problem to the plumber, who had twice tried to fix it, unsuccessfully.] I give Joe a definite Like, thumbs up, and A ! ... Read More

  • Michelle K.

    July 13, 2018

    I cannot recommend Joe from Caveman Home Theaters enough! We hired Joe to completely reconfigure our cable and internet (including running CAT-5 wiring in the house, adding a new wireless access point to the house to boost our cable, and rerouting our cable outlet to a new access point). Joe also installed smart locks on our home and hooked up a new outdoor Bluetooth speaker. He was prompt, courteous, and spent a lot of time with us to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. He even went out of his way and came out to our house on his off day to meet with Comcast to ensure our cable and internet lines were working properly and at the appropriate speeds. We look forward to working with Joe again! ... Read More

  • sshaver

    March 12, 2018

    Three projects, We couldn't be happier! – I have used Caveman Home Theaters on three different projects. And have been very impressed with the outcome on every single task. Their cabinet maker has built some very custom pieces for storage including a wall of bookcases, a large storage cabinet a,d a hall tree for our boys backpacks in the utility.Most recently they completed the installation of our media center / home theater. The room is great the denon system they installed rocks. We now have a 52" Shard 1080p LCD Flatscreen for our Friday night movies. We can't be happier. ... Read More

  • marksigma

    March 12, 2018

    Being the typical Caveman, I can't thank Caveman Home Theaters enough. Great job. – More companies should inspire to do business like Caveman Home Theaters. From the initial consultation to installation, Caveman Home Theaters did business like true professionals. Being the typical caveman, I asked Caveman Home Theaters to come into my house and spend some time with me explaining how the new technology works (you know, High Definition, LCD vs. Plasma, Blue Ray). You can't get the attention they gave me in a large superstore. They walked me through the technology and put together a home theater package that suits me perfectly, and all within the budget we discussed (and let me say that my budget wasn't huge like you would imagine some customers). I got a great home theater consultation with a very competitive price and attention you can't find anywhere.The installation took place soon after I decided to move forward with Caveman Home Theaters. The installation process was smooth and simple for Caveman Home Theaters. There's no way I could have done it on my own. Sometimes I walk into other people's houses where they have installed their own. Let me just that mine looks cleaner and sharper because it was done by professionals.Once installation was complete, Caveman Home Theaters walked me through how to use my system, which is easy, but remember, I'm a Caveman.To anyone considering running out to a large chain store just to fight the crowds in a hope to catch some sale on a High Definition TV, please reconsider. With Caveman Home Theaters, I received the attention and explanation I needed, I bought directly from them, and the installation was done by them as well.If I need assistance, I know the company will take care of me.You can buy a TV anywhere, but you can only get the attention to detail and the home theater you really need from Caveman Home Theaters. If this reviews sounds too good to be true, try them for yourself. I wish all companies did business like Caveman Home Theaters. Now, I'm off to watch tv. ... Read More

  • PittAlum

    March 12, 2018

    Caveman Home Theaters was the first of 4 companies to visit our home. Joe came & spent a great deal of time listening to our wants/needs and then proceeded to discuss the many options of getting to that just right video & audio experience. Joe was friendly, personable and someone that we felt comfortable with right away.After eliminating the competition (which didn't take long) - we finilized the design, price and scheduled the installation. One thing that impressed me was how Joe worked w/ me on the equipment selection and recognized that in the case of TV selection - he didn't push us to buy from him (in this case I found better pricing elsewhere on plasmas).The install took a little over 2 days (we set up 2 systems). His team did a great job - always cleaned up and were very knowledgeable about the equipment.Another good thing...Joe is definitely available after the sale. I've called him w/ questions and minor issues - and he's always helped me out. ... Read More

  • Glenrob

    March 12, 2018

    Great System, Great Price, Great Service after Installation – Joe met with us in our home and listened carefully to our wants and needs. He is a very knowledgeable and a very likeable person. My wife and I are very comfortable with him. We discussed a range of options, my wife and I considered them, and we contacted Joe when we had decided the general parameters of our Home Theater and Sound System. (We met with another contractor in the meantime and readily concluded we would hire Joe.) I had a question about TV selection, which Joe dealt with very well. We are delighted with our LED Samsung. Joe's Denon receiver and speaker recommendations were also spot on. We are not very knowledgeable about technology (to say the least), and Joe was very patient and thorough in teaching us how to use the many features included in this very customized System. We have had a few minor questions since it was installed. Joe has returned our calls promptly and either provided the necessary instructions or come to our home (often the same day) to help us out. The members of his installation and service crew are also very knowledgeable and personable.We got a great custom Home Theater and Sound System at a great price, and the service has been top drawer. ... Read More

  • ajc15

    March 12, 2018

    We had a wonderful experience with Caveman Home Theaters. Joe Travis was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. The level of detail that was dedicated to our project exceeded our expectations. Joe also introduced us to a new line of high end home theater products at a great price. If you get a chance, stop by and check out his home theater room on site and get a glimpse at some of the new 3D technology...it is quite amazing and it will make 3D movies in the theater look 10-years out of date. Amazing experience! A+++ recommended! ... Read More

  • Luke H. - Houston, Tx

    March 12, 2018

    Caveman Home Theaters built my home theater room last month. I couldn't be more happier with the quality of work and products Joe and his workers installed. I had been preparing for this project for close to a year and had very high expectations. Joe exceeded my expectations and really wow-ed me and my family with his installers and how quickly and cleaning they completed the job. I can't wait to upgrade next month to the 3D projector! ... Read More

  • Tara R. - Missouri City, TX

    March 12, 2018

    We have used Caveman Home Theaters for both our home and business needs. Joe and the rest of the crew are wonderful. Very professional and always willing to go above and beyond to help! I would recommend them for your home and business needs above anyone else we've ever worked with! ... Read More

  • Kristen H. - Houston, TX

    March 12, 2018

    Caveman Home Theaters is the place to go if you're looking for a media room in your home. They do an amazing job at designing, installing and choosing the right products. They have the latest and greatest audio video products - can't wait to purchase the 3d projector soon. Thanks guys! ... Read More