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From the Jetsons to every sci-fi movie ever made, pop culture has told us that we would be living in smart homes that would cater to our every need. Hello it's 2018, isn’t it time that you start living the lifestyle that’s been promised to us for so long?

Thankfully, we aren't living in caves or mud huts our modern homes and offices are equipped with systems that provide light, provide cool air when needed or warm air when it is cold. We even have the luxury of listening to music whenever and wherever we want. However, most new technology comes with inadequate or cumbersome controllers. Many systems are completely separate from the others and can be difficult to operate when combined with additional electronics like home entertainment systems.

Some family members have no problem learning to use these new sound systems and others have difficulty trying to figure out which remote to use and when to use it. Luckily, with electronic system integration by Caveman Home Theaters and modern home automation systems like Control4 and RTI we are able to provide user friendly control options that meet almost any budget. If you’re interested in getting control of a single room for home entertainment or mastering your entire home or office, we have a solution. So what are the options and what can you expect?


Advantages of System Integration and Home Automation

What Systems are Available?

How many different electronic systems does your home or office currently have running or installed? My guess 6 - 10 devices or systems possibly more. When it comes to integrating your house with technology, it’s imperative that you have a plan in place. Rather than installing a bunch of equipment that you may or may not need, it’s better to have an idea of what you can (and can’t) do with this technology. Some of the most common home automation systems available include:

● Utilities: Lighting control to adjust power consumption or. Climate control to cool and heat your home or office. Voice activation.

● Security: Integrating your home or office cameras and sensors to keep your property and your family safe.

● Home Entertainment: Let's set the mood and get the party started, it’s never been easier to be an excellent host. From single room solutions to whole home audio.


Benefits of Home Automation

For some people, the idea of integrating technology into their everyday life seems bizarre and unnecessary. However, we believe that there is a lot of value in upgrading your home this way. Here are some advantages that you can expect.

● Better Security: get notified if someone tries to enter your property, and watch your family when you’re away.

● Improved Monitoring: there are a lot of hidden dangers that can happen when you least expect them. A smart home can alert you if there’s a fire, carbon monoxide, water leaks or other potential hazards.

● More Savings: Lighting control and Climate control, provides easy and off-site access to your electronic system controllers. This saves energy and piece of mind, knowing the power is not being wasted.

● Entertain Better: having an integrated speaker and TV system is the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

● User Friendly Control: having a professionally designed and installed control system like Control4 or RTI provides a single source for controlling your entire home or office. Using a single platform versus several remotes and controllers provides a better overall experience for the entire family. When it comes to making your home more accessible and enhancing your quality of life, nothing compares. See what Caveman Home Theaters can do for you and your family. Call to schedule your Free In-Home Consultation. 281-537-1738


Advanced Lighting Control

One of the most popular subsystems of any home automation system has been advanced lighting control. By replacing or adding smart dimmers you can reduce energy consumption, improve the aesthetic appeal of a space or room, you set the mood for entertaining and schedule timed events for safety and security. Caveman Home Theaters recommend adding a car visor to your system. A simple button press in the driveway can signal a chain of events to provide a safe passageway from the garage through the home.


Home Entertainment Control

One system that controls your home entertainment systems, one interface, intuitive solutions. Start with a single room control system or expand to a whole home control system. Imagine a control system that anyone can learn to use. Control watching Tv, listening to music and much more.


Motorized Window Treatments

Automated shading systems have been a large part of our past, present and future. With over 33 years experience in the custom window treatment industry, we feel strongly suited for helping with product selection measuring and installation of your motorized shadings and automated solutions for tying them into your home control system.


Control4 Home Automation

Control4 is one of the best home automation systems because it is easy for dealers to plan systems for any home or office. The company has excellent customer education resources to help you choose the features you want in your home, and its systems are compatible with security equipment such as cameras and door sensors. Control4 has a unified software interface that makes it easy to control your system devices. Using the best home management systems, you can control your smart home with a simple remote control, programmed keypads, the Control4 mobile app and touchscreen controllers.

Control4 is one of the best home automation systems for residential use. Among its top features are effective customer education resources, modular installation, a large network of hardware partners and a unified touchscreen interface. Control4 a capable system that can hold its own against the other home automation systems available today.


Control4 User Interface

Control4 is one of few smart home systems that has a mobile app with a user interface that is identical to that on its touchscreen controllers. This is particularly helpful because you don’t have learn multiple ways to control your system – you might have to learn two or three different control schemes to use other systems properly.

In addition to the touch interfaces, you can use a computer to change settings or the company’s Composer Home Edition software to program scenes, control devices, manage your digital entertainment server and more. While the Composer HE software has many useful features, you still need a dealer to add devices to your system, update software and update drivers. Control4 systems are fully capable of controlling equipment for whole-house audio and home theaters.


RTI - Remote Technologies Incorporated

If you want to easily control the comfort, efficiency and safety of your home, RTI offers an exceptional selection of options that can be customized to create the best home automation system for your household and desires. You don't have to take anyone's word for it either, since RTI's website has a lengthy Showcase selection that presents many detailed examples of how it outfitted a variety of homes for owners with different requests.

As far as equipment compatibility goes, RTI works with more than 100 companies that manufacture a variety of hardware, including surveillance cameras and home entertainment systems. However, Crestron and Control4 have many more hardware partners by comparison.

You can arrange for home security monitoring and outfit your house with door locks, security cameras, motion sensors and more. In addition, you can increase the safety of your home with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors. You can also make use of home automation technologies through RTI's mobile app, doing such things as adjusting the temperature in your home for comfort and utility bill savings, opening window shades or venetian blinds, turning on movies and music remotely, changing the lighting, and much more. If you choose, you can schedule when you want certain functions to occur, so your whole house can be filled with music or the lights can dim and a movie can start at a preselected time, making your home environment more comfortable, entertaining and enjoyable.

All dealers in RTI's network are certified, so you know you are dealing with someone who is knowledgeable and trained in installing home automation systems. There is no free quote option, which some home control systems provide. Instead, RTI's dealers work with you individually to prepare a customized package that is tailored just for your home. RTI's equipment warranty lasts three years.



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