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Wireless and Hardwired Network Distribution

A home network is now an important and integral part of any new build or remodel project. A properly designed network will allow you to distribute broadband, a local area network, telephone and audio/video to anywhere within your property, giving the occupants huge flexibility and ensuring that your home is fully future proof. Vast improvements in security allow you to connect IP addressable cameras, home automation processes including lighting and climate control from inside or outside the property or from anywhere in the world. Increasingly intelligent entertainment systems designed to record, store and share media across devices throughout the home are being connected to high speed secure home networks. What devices will they hook up next? Some home networks have begun incorporating appliances; security
        systems, lighting and climate control, energy management solutions are gaining more
        intelligence, so consumers can now manage them in a more sophisticated manner.

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"The installation took place soon after I decided to move forward with Caveman Home Theaters and the process was smooth and simple. There's no way I could have done it on my own. Sometimes I walk into other people's houses where they have installed their own. Let me just say that mine looks cleaner and sharper because it was done by professionals.

Once installation was complete, Caveman Home Theaters walked me through how to use my system, which is easy, but remember, I'm a Caveman."

Mark S. - Houston, Texas

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