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System Integration and Home Automation...

We expect things like power locks, dimming dome lights and security for our vehicles. Then why has it taken so long to automate our homes? The same technology's are now a fast growing part of today's advanced home electronics systems. System Integration and Home Automation makes life simpler, safer and empowers you to develop environmentally friendly lifestyle that saves energy.

         Caveman Home Theaters offer you turnkey solutions for the automation and
         integration of your homes electronic systems including lighting and climate control,
         motorized window treatments, access and home surveillance, and more.

         A typical home has many systems that work independently of one another. System
         Integration establishes the communication standards between your electronic
         systems. Home Automation efficiently controls multiple systems through everyday

Advantages Using Integrated Systems and Home Automation

Lighting control is the most popular subsystem of home automation. Simply depressing a single button will enable you to adjust your homes lighting before entry into a dark home. This single action provides a sense of security and safety. Installing eco-friendly, smart dimmers and replacing dumb light switches can save energy and reduce electricity cost.  

Another simple but effective automation solution is Climate Control. Home automation systems can activate your air conditioning and heating systems by timed events and activities like pressing watch movie on your home theaters remote. Adjusting your HVAC system to deactivate or ramp down also provides green energy saving alternatives. Ask us how we can implement green solutions in your home today.

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"The installation took place soon after I decided to move forward with Caveman Home Theaters and the process was smooth and simple. There's no way I could have done it on my own. Sometimes I walk into other people's houses where they have installed their own. Let me just say that mine looks cleaner and sharper because it was done by professionals.

Once installation was complete, Caveman Home Theaters walked me through how to use my system, which is easy, but remember, I'm a Caveman."

Mark S. - Houston, Texas

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