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3D, 1080p, LED, LCD, Plasma TVs DLPS vs. Projection Systems...What Should you Choose?

With such a wide variety of home theater products on the
market, your personal compatibility is imperative. As we consider the selection of your electronics, we'll consider several aspects of your project including the room's environment, your lifestyle and your entertaining needs. We'll use our training and experience along with our in-depth product knowledge to ensure the products we provide will give you the best experience possible. 

         We'll help you decide if a projection screen (offering the largest screen presence), with a 
         wider acceptable viewing angle is more suited for you versus a rear projection TV or flat
         panel TV. Leaving no stone unturned, we'll share our knowledge about which option will
         work best for you.

Your video selection is the centerpiece of any home theater

Screen Innovation's New HD screen materials and the New Black Diamond screen technology allows projection to exist with the ligths on or off by increasing projector contrast over 300%. You now have the ability to utilize projection in environments that only a flat panel TV could exist before.

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"You were right it took about a hour and a half to assemble and replace our old projection screen with "Black Diamond 1.4", then after we fired up the JVC projector...Wow!

The picture just leaps off the screen like a huge Plasma Display. Until you showed us the "Black Diamond screen" in action, I thought there was no way to enjoy Movies, Sports & TV in my theater with the lights even half up. I'll tell you what, light or dark that screen is bang'n.

It's Truly Amazing!"

Todd W. - The Woodlands, Texas

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