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Theater seating


When it comes to High End Audio and Performance
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Caveman Home Theaters is known for bringing the full theater experience to your home. We design,construct and install theater systems and Now were offering a wide selection of custom leather theater seating and home entertainment furniture. We'll find the style that works for your space, whether it is classic, contemporary, traditional, over sized, and modern or made for smaller spaces.

You can select from quality name brand manufacturers including Premier Theater Seating, Berkline, Coaster and Salamander Designs. We offer an endless selection of individual manual and motorized theater recliners; full sets of theater seating and custom options to create your own configurations. Choose from a variety of leathers and fabrics in a full color palette with options ranging from lighted cup holders to base enhancers (or Butt Kickers) installed on the frame for an additional sensation. Your space directly impacts your audible enjoyment.



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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"We have been blown away with how nice everything turned out. Ann really likes the fact that the speakers are flush mounted into the ceiling they almost disappear.

You had a fan for life when you suggested hiding the sub woofer in the lower cabinet along with the receiver and blu-ray. We are so excited about spending quality family time with the boys.

We have begun a new weekly movie night, we think it will help us maintain our bonds with the boys as they grow. I am always trying to find interesting opportunities to spend time with them, they are growing so fast.

Thanks for everything, Good luck on your showroom!"

Steve S. - Sugarland, Texas

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