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When it comes to High End Audio and Performance
Audio...We are the Experts!

At Caveman Home Theaters, we have an audio solutions for every budget and every level of performance. Starting with versatile AVR surround processor amplifiers with multi zone functionality to our finely crafted pre-amp processors, surround amplifiers. We have a solution!

Surround Speakers and Surround Amplifiers.

Your media room/home theater deserves a great sound system. It begins with selecting a matched set of surround speakers that can deliver the experience that you expect. Bose offers a nice product their Lifestyle theater system, they produce great sounding surround effects at a step above entry level pricing. With our selection of custom installed options we can transform your media room into a dedicated home theater, one that can move enough air to deliver the impact that was originally intended by the director of the movie. By calibrating your new surround system we can exceed your expectations.

Multi Room, Multi Zone, Distributed Audio Solutions.

No matter what you call it, we can deliver ambient listening music and sound in every area of your home or office. There are basically two types of multi-zone distributed audio systems on the market today. Some AVR receivers include a second zone feature allowing you to dedicate two channels of audio as a second zone. Depending on the number of zones/rooms this option might require a speaker selector, and volume controls mounted separately.

A more advanced option is to install a separate multi-room audio system; one that offers independent zone controllers and the ability to have multiple sources or content playing in separate zones simultaneously.

But we realize that your equipment is only half of the equation.

Your space directly impacts your audible enjoyment.

Your space directly impacts your audible enjoyment.

There are three parts to every great sound system. The audio equipment, speakers and the room. We can discuss room acoustics and sound treatments in that section.

Room Calibration and the advancements in modern audio equipment use room equalization/calibration to create a more balanced sound environment. Audyssey MultEQ automatic room acoustic measuring and correction system is one of the most advanced systems for automatic room calibration.

Caveman Home Theaters offers Audyssey Pro MultiEQ as an additional service offering for those interested in the best possible audio experience.

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"We have been blown away with how nice everything turned out. Ann really likes the fact that the speakers are flush mounted into the ceiling they almost disappear.

You had a fan for life when you suggested hiding the sub woofer in the lower cabinet along with the receiver and blu-ray. We are so excited about spending quality family time with the boys.

We have begun a new weekly movie night, we think it will help us maintain our bonds with the boys as they grow. I am always trying to find interesting opportunities to spend time with them, they are growing so fast.

Thanks for everything, Good luck on your showroom!"

Steve S. - Sugarland, Texas

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