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Most showrooms have acoustic wall treatments to enhance audio performance...

Caveman Home Theaters provides proven solutions for audible enhancments. Our experience includes formal training in THX theater design, Cedia theater design courses and years of hands-on experience. Our acoustic treatment strategy begins with placing the interior furnishings in the media room. From there, we can begin the process of making the necessary acoustic corrections to reduce purchasing products that you don't need. Our in-house design team has the manufacturing capabilities to provide customized acoustic solutions that also complete the
         atmosphere and the aesthetics. Fabric wrapped panels can cover open cell foam,
         base traps and defusing insulation. For added convenience, we also offer pre-
         manufactured panels and products but we know that one size doesn't fit every
         project. Our complete acoustic room design options will improved audio quality

Treatment Options

Acoustical treatment options consist of the installation of theater drapes, acoustic wall panels including base traps, defused panels and even the furnishings or carpeting. Many rooms require a mixture of sound treatments to stabilize the space. We make sure that complete wall treatments are included in your design to guaranteed the enhanced aesthetics of your theater.

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"While planning our gameroom conversion into the home theater, it was obvious that the room had echos. Joe designed and installed custom burgandy wall treatments. After they were installed the echo was gone. It really makes a difference and they really look great!"

Casey B. - The Woodlands, Texas

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