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At Caveman Home Theaters, we do more than taking products out of a box and calling it a custom home theater!

Caveman Home Theaters provides you with a wide-range of state-of-the-art home theater equipment. From the latest in flat panel HDTV's (like the all new 3D ultra slim TV models and Theater Projectors) to custom leather theater seating; we take great care in researching, selecting and recommending the products we bring into your home.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing
        solutions that enhance your lifestyle; we will simplify the complex nature of modern
        electronics and provide single button control.

        To guarantee that your home theater is a place where innovation  meets comfort, we
        maintain strong professional relationships with the most respected electronics
        manufacturers and distributors in the industry. Check out some of our favorite
        manufacturers below.

        Call us NOW at 281-537-1738 for an in-home consultation.

  • Audio Equipment

  • Visual Displays

  • Accessories

  • Theater Seating

  • Custom Cabinets

  • Acoustical Treatments

  • Window Treatment

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"We have been blown away with how nice everything turned out. Ann really likes the fact that the speakers are flush mounted into the ceiling they almost disappear.

You had a fan for life when you suggested hiding the sub woofer in the lower cabinet along with the receiver and blu-ray. We are so excited about spending quality family time with the boys.

We have begun a new weekly movie night, we think it will help us maintain our bonds with the boys as they grow. I am always trying to find interesting opportunities to spend time with them, they are growing so fast.

Thanks for everything, Good luck on your showroom!"

Steve S., Sugarland, Texas

Audio Product Manufacturers

OnkyoRockusticsMonitor AudioProficientParasoundAtlanticDali