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Our Philosophy

          It's very simple... We want to exceed your expectations!

          Many of our clients have purchased equipment from a Superstore or the Internet, not
          realizing that they're being sold what's overstocked. Others entrust thousands to
          the electrician or the "guy who does it on the side". Still others read heaps of magazine
          articles hoping to learn all they need to know in a few weeks.

          The common thread in most every story is how each person become rejected and
          overwhelmed with the choices and the complication involved in the purchase and
          installation of today's electronic systems.

          We believe that the most important part of electronic system design is the initial
          interview. Our experience allows us to analyze your needs and assemble the best mix of
          electronics and services for your project.

               We don't identify our company by what brands we carry.

               We don't stock our shelves full of products and then try to sell you what
               we have in stock.

          You can rest assured that working with us will leave you with a system designed just for
          you with equipment carefully selected and matched to fit your environment, your lifestyle
          and your budget.

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"More companies should inspire to do business like Caveman Home Theaters. From the initial consultation to installation, Caveman Home Theaters did business like true professionals. Being the typical caveman, I asked Caveman Home Theaters to come into my house and spend some time with me explaining how the new technology works (you know, High Definition, LCD vs. Plasma, Blue Ray). You can't get the attention they gave me in a large superstore.

They walked me through the technology and put together a home theater package that suits me perfectly, and all within the budget we discussed (and let me say that my budget wasn't huge like you would imagine some customers). I got a great home theater consultation with a very competitive price and attention you can't find anywhere."

Mark S. - Houston, Texas

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