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Installation Warranty

          August 26, 2004

          Our goal at Caveman Home Theaters, LLC is to develop a long lasting relationship with  
          our clients. We have great performance expectations for the audio video systems we
          install, and services that we provide. Our clients deserve nothing less than the best and
          we provide that by offering the strongest labor warranty in the business.

          All products supplied and offered by Caveman Home Theaters are authorized by
          the manufacturers. We will honor all manufacturer warranties per the manufacture's
          warranty policy. It's our policy to offer extended warranty options on all projects including
          electronics; to extend coverage of the original warranty and to ensure lasting confidence
          in the reliability of the electronics system chosen.

          The quality of workmanship guaranty from Caveman Home Theaters provides that all
          installation procedures have a Two Year Warranty for the original purchaser. Warranty
          is limited only to the actual work performed or labor provided, equipment failure is
          covered under the original manufactures warranty or the extended warranty (if

          In case of repair issues the original manufactures packaging can expedite the process of
          repairs and or replacement. It is our policy that we highly recommended that you retain
          the original packaging of electronic items like TVs, Blu-rays, and Receivers for a period
          of 90 days.

          Our favorable reputation with our clients is the key to our success. If there are any
          concerns or issues, please bring it to our immediate attention. This warranty can be
          transferred (fees will be determined).


          Joe L. Travis  Owner / Manager
          Caveman Home Theaters, LLC

          Labor Warranty Exclusions

          "Caveman Home Theaters - Two Year installation warranty excludes tampering or
          maintenance of any kind (including those other than the home owner). In the event that
          payment is incomplete or payment is never received, all warranties are void."

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"The installation took place soon after I decided to move forward with Caveman Home Theaters and the process was smooth and simple. There's no way I could have done it on my own. Sometimes I walk into other people's houses where they have installed their own. Let me just say that mine looks cleaner and sharper because it was done by professionals.

Once installation was complete, Caveman Home Theaters walked me through how to use my system, which is easy, but remember, I'm a Caveman."

Mark S. - Houston, Texas

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