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Frequently Asked Questions

          1. Question: How does Caveman Home Theaters do it any differently than

          Answer: You and your project are treated as you would expect, both important to us!
          We are a Call-To-Action service company! Literally, you call we respond. We are a small
          local business, not a large chain of stores. We will never treat you like a number. It is our
          pleasure to be able to service you. Our certified and trained design professionals and
          technicians have hundreds of completed projects under their belts and they are fully
          trained on the systems that we install. You won't find high school kids being sent to do a
          professionals job. Caveman Home Theaters is Cedia trained and certified, we are also
          THX professional installer certified. Our experience and commitment is what separates
          us from the rest.

          2. Question: You're expensive, right? How can I afford it?

          Answer: Your biggest cost could come in not using us. Your home is the largest
          investment that you will probably make in your life time. For that reason alone why would
          you trust just anyone to install something as important and as complicated as this. We
          offer solutions for any budget. Our electronic systems include high quality name brand
          products and every system is installed by professionally trained electronic systems
          technicians. Caveman Home Theaters also offers a physical address, not a PO Box, we
          don't work out of our trunk we have clearly marked trucks.

          3. Question: Do you charge for estimates?

          Answer: In-Home Consultations are free and we offer free estimates. Estimates might
          include verbal quotes and or written proposals. More detailed or engineered documents;
          blue prints or renderings of proposed work are fee based options that we are happy to
          discuss based on your specific needs. Your project might not need this type of
          professional presentation, but when it is needed we can deliver.

          4. Question: Since no one is spending money right now, do you have any

          Answer: Not True. Homeowners are more driven now than in recent months to improve
          their home. In fact, since the recession began people are spending more on their most
          treasured investment their home. However The answer is Yes. We have several deals
          running such as a discount on our normal installation rate when the electronics
          are purchased through us. We constantly shop the competition to provide you with the
          best deals. But as you're doing your homework, if you discover the same product from a
          local source we will match their price. We cannot offer price matching on sale items or
          internet deals, as these could be blow out specials or discontinued items. Caveman
          Home Theaters only offers the latest product offering from major electronics

          5. Question: OK, so when can we get started?
          Answer: Call today and we will begin immediately. We will schedule an in-home
          consultation based on your schedule, and we will show up as scheduled. Each project is
          unique in terms of delivery. Many projects can be delivered and installed in as little as a
          few days others may take weeks to obtain everything needed to start your project. We
          can discuss timing and availability as we discuss your specific project.

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"The installation took place soon after I decided to move forward with Caveman Home Theaters and the process was smooth and simple. There's no way I could have done it on my own. Sometimes I walk into other people's houses where they have installed their own. Let me just say that mine looks cleaner and sharper because it was done by professionals.

Once installation was complete, Caveman Home Theaters walked me through how to use my system, which is easy, but remember, I'm a Caveman."

Mark S. - Houston, Texas

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