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About Us

          Adding a custom home theater is an exciting and wonderful experience for every
          homeowner. It is also a large investment and should not be trusted to just any company.
          From selecting surround sound speakers to installing your rear projector, Caveman      
          Home Theaters has met the rigorous industry standards, formal education and
          professional training to makes us a trusted name in the industry.

          Caveman Home Theaters brings passion, commitment, and business experience to the
          custom home theater and AV integration industry.Serving Houston, Texas, and the
          surrounding area, we don't just install TVs, we deliver solutions. We'll work directly with
          you, your builder, designer and or architect to bring your favorite movies / music to life
          by installing the AV solution that best fits your needs. We pride ourselves in creating an
          exceptional customer experience.

          By maintaining professional relationships and attending product training courses with the
          most respected, brand name electronics manufactures in the world, we guarantee that
          you'll receive the top quality products, design and installation to make your vision a

About our Founder

Joe Travis is the CEO/Founder of Caveman Home Theaters, LLC. For more than 25 years, his business savvy – hands on approach has been serving families in the Houston metro area.

He began his journey apprenticing as an electrician for a few years. His drive to operate his own business came early when he envisioned opening a small construction company, Joe Travis and Associates, specializing in the design and build of custom cabinets.

The opportunity to join forces in the family business, The Blind Man, became reality during the housing boom of the 90's. An industry leader since 1987, The Blind Man specializes in custom window treatments including shutters, shades and the installation of motorized window shading systems.

Shortly after attending a formal certification training offered by Lutron, Joe was approached by an existing client to build and install a dedicated home theater. The project consisted of converting two upstairs bedrooms into one large space adding risers for elevated seating and installing a 120” projection screen. The 7.2 surround system and the leather seats was all it took to inspire the prospect of opening a custom home theater company.

Today, he brings his wealth of knowledge and training along with the combined experiences to Caveman Home Theaters where he designs, installs and services some of the most comprehensive audio visual systems system; one that offers independent zone controllers and the ability to have multiple sources or content playing in separate zones simultaneously.

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

"We have been blown away with how nice everything turned out. Ann really likes the fact that the speakers are flush mounted into the ceiling they almost disappear.

You had a fan for life when you suggested hiding the sub woofer in the lower cabinet along with the receiver and blu-ray. We are so excited about spending quality family time with the boys.

We have begun a new weekly movie night, we think it will help us maintain our bonds with the boys as they grow. I am always trying to find interesting opportunities to spend time with them, they are growing so fast.

Thanks for everything, Good luck on your showroom!"

Steve S. - Sugarland, Texas

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